Friday, 11 September 2015

Plastic - Cut "So Numb" Straight to 2 inch Analog Tape

I'm really enjoying So Numb a new song by Melbourne band Plastic made up of local act Five Mile Town. The recordings from the Nightmare E.P all sound super phat, lush and punchy like a warm tropical island transporting you away to a different world. The record was most likely recorded straight to 2 inch analog tape like all of the greatest records of the 60's and 70's. There's certainly no sharp digital crunch on this record all the sonic edges are smooth and well rounded.

Plastic's playing throughout the whole record is focused delivering back to back great performances. The lyrics float along offering catchy hooks and vivid imagery while also managing to draw in the listener connecting on a strong emotional level. Stephen Mowat working out of Aviary Studios in Melbourne has done a brilliant job recording, mixing and producing this record as it sounds very professional and smooth like a good whiskey! :) Stream the song above and sit back and relax :)

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