Friday, 25 September 2015

Robotic love tangled up in colourful leads :)

The 16 track sounded sick today drums had heaps of low end and the kick was intense like an old skool soul record glad I tinkered round with it a while ago now it's way more open and free kinda like the difference between being locked up and on the run.  
The guitars were shimmering almost orchestral clean not dirty. I hooked up the Ekadek electronics and sound​ Ak47 to my Akai hard disc recorder I rescued from a bargain bin many years ago a vintage grunge child of the 90's and was pleasantly surprised or in truth more like completely bowled over. I was just winging it as you do throwing up a few mics and capturing sound while trying new grooves and stuff. The wild, wet and windy backdrop of Auckland city and its up and down weather patterns provided the best scene like out of a movie for recording and mucking round and having fun. Its almost indescribable diving into the river of sound its pure and refreshing experience almost biblical you never quite know whats down their like the belly of the beast all the possibilities surrounding you like fate swirling round in immeasurable depths :) But God Am I looking forward to Summer or what man! 

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