Sunday, 4 September 2016

Clubbing at The Roxy (Auck) and Bowling in Newmarket!

When you leave the first club of the night because it only has one lady in it being encircled on the dance floor by like 20 guys haha thank god for The Roxy  on my right is Yuvi Chetty who i meet at first said club lmfao

At the start of our clubbing at The Roxy the music was brilliant, hell even in inspired with a very tasteful selection of oldskool and brand spanking new hip hop pop tracks being spun. I have to mention the bass response of the sound system at Roxy it's great. The music then changed course towards a more glitch hop vibe that Yuvi certainly didn't care much for. I didn't mind at all as I know you can't keep playing the same music for an entire night, but the energy on the dance floor did dip. 

I also bumped into hostess with the mostess Eleanor one of the peeps i meet through my good friend Talor. She was trying to wrangle the VIP tables and get everyone settled in and having fun which was cool. She told me how much they costed and I nearly fainted, thankfully they did come with some great champagne and enviable status in the club. I mean if your chilling in the booths on the top floor at Roxy it means either you have a solid job, come from a wealthy background or a simply a crazy average joe trying to split the costs with your friends. Eleanor also told me recently a guy just wanted a booth because he really need to sit down and have a few deep breaths! 

From a sociological point it's funny to think of the disavowed NZ class system operating so blatantly at a nightclub, you certainly could tell there was a divide between regular punters and individuals sitting in booths. One of the things i personal find funny is how when you have a booth you have to make out like its nothing and that the expense doesn't mean anything! do facade's hold true? :)

I also went bowling  earlier in the night with Jay Telfer in Newmarket. It was quite funny actually as Jay couldn't stay for two games but he couldn't purchase one game only. The guy working at Newmarket Tenpin Bowling said thats just business which i thought was a pretty weak excuse!! 

Despite getting two games Jay shot off early so Fernando and I played his next game between us and he nearly won when he wasn't even there!!  And well yes  since you asked I did get a few sneaky strikes and some spares plus way to many gutter balls haha. 
My first game was the best for me as I won it the second game going to Fernando damn you!! haha

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