Monday, 19 September 2016

If I was standing for Mayor of Auckland I would...

If I was standing for Mayor of Auckland I would collapse the Auckland housing market and get rid of all domestic and international price speculation and Capital gains people are making from the market. Houses are for living in they are not a means to a profitable business by exploiting others who are not privileged enough to own a home! If you want to have a business there a plethora of other industries and other ventures to look into. Buying up houses and renting them out to families struggling to get by makes my blood boil. Worse are people who jump into bed with banks purchasing houses to flip them months later slicing off a tasty immoral profit. I have seen half of my extended family who lived in Auckland immigrate to Australia to improve their quality of life. The condition of the housing from what I know dramatically increased. Auckland not yet a Supercity!

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