Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Brother Gabriel - A Brilliant Photographic Visionary defending himself against a Heartless Wellington Art Critic

Gabriel Bioletti commented on this.

Sam Allen Probably my favourite piece in your 2106 collection, the stark contrast of light and dark, the absent confusion of the Grobbie, the number of pixels, all add to this sense of existential numbness. This piece really captures the futility of seeking purpose in life
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Gabriel Bioletti Hey Sam I greatly appreciate you're considered opinion on this initial collection. However there is just one point I need to make in response; I feel the shortest path to greatness and fulfillment in art is to live it, breathe it, encompass the ideas you portray into your own everyday life. For this reason I feel like any attempt at perceiving 'intent' in my pictures will result in a somewhat contrived analysis of the real meaning behind the aesthetics. So whilst you're description does seem apt, I do struggle to reconcile my own personal beliefs with such an interpretation.
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Moss Bioletti

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Sam Allen Oh hey Gabriel, it's not often I get to talk to such a visionary artist as yourself. I guess the fame hasn't found you yet, but I'm sure it will some day.
You posit that my perception of meaning in your work was an "attempt", but to me the words came e
ffortlessly, and without contrivance or indeed any motive of self-aggrandizement.
Given the absolute subjectivity of art and beauty, I feel that you as the artist need to learn to relinquish absolute interpretive authority over your works as you release them for public consumption (I too struggle with this, would you believe!). My comment was not an attempt to trap your art's meaning in stasis, but more to add a sort of meta value to it. 
We could even argue that my comment has more beauty and meaning than your photo, as it demonstrates - through its very existence - how art can inspire and bring substance to thought.
Again, really love the photo.
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Gabriel Bioletti Oh hey again Sam. I do realise that, to a certain degree, the notion of 'death of the author' has been quite en mode recently. While i do agree that there is a certain obligation for critics of art (such as yourself), i believe vehemently that there is a much stronger obligation for the artist (me, in this case) to be steadfast in their original interpretation. The idea of absolute subjectivity does result in potentially integral motifs, themes and techniques to be lost in translation. This results in a violation of the conservation of information, something i believe to be of a much higher significance.

Again, don't think for a moment that i don't appreciate you're feedback. Maybe we will have to agree to disagree
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Sam Allen Dear sir.
I hope you understand that I'm actually one of the most down to earth and humble people you will ever meet, and I don't appreciate being called a "critic". What I do is not the dissemination of criticism, but the delivery of high impact and i
nsightful commentary on various pieces and their meaning as I interpret it.
My commentary adds impact to art and increases exposure of the artist, as I have a significant following of art lovers who rely on my taste and interpretations.
I hope you appreciate that the rigidity you try to impose on your work's meaning is a self serving knife to the throat of all viewers.
no offence intended.
Samuel Allen.
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Gabriel Bioletti Dear Hopeless Critic,

Judging by you're utterly inappropriate and unprofessional response i would be inclined to think that you are not nearly as significant a CRITIC as you have built yourself up to be.

It is not my job to validate you're sub-par existence as a source of second-hand information. I appreciate the necessity of constructive criticism in order to move forward as a coherent and self-contained artist. Furthermore, you clearly display great insight and potential to legitimately contribute to the world of the art and I would sincerely suggest you pursue tertiary education on the subject in order to convey you're ideas in a more succinct, less frantic manner.

Yours sincerely, Gabriel Alfred George Bioletti
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Sam Allen Sir.
Let us agree to disagree. While I respect your obvious and gratuitous skill as an artist, I find you manner to be unbearably standoffish and 
I strongly suggest that you also pursue tertiary education, perhaps in formal communication.

I came to you with nothing but good intentions and you turned around and shat all over my face and in my ears.
How dare you call me sub-par. You have no right to criticise my work.
You are an insufferable artist and I only hope that you may one day find peace within yourself as I did long ago.
Good day.
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Gus McRobbie I think i'll eat it now.
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Moss Bioletti the photo that spilt a thousand words

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