Saturday, 17 September 2016

Don't even so much as think of voting for Phil Goff as Mayor of Auckland

No Phil Goff proposing a ten cent charge on plastic bags will not save the environment. It is a stupid empty and futile symbolic gesture. If this is the best idea you have you truly are a moron. What even gives you the idea to think that you can be a mayor of Auckland when you can't even lead the opposition party properly. I am so sick of these career politicians wasting government time and resources to introduce meaningless and utterly stupid bills onto the floor. I also want to state how Auckland is not a super city the reason being we still have homeless people sleeping rough on the streets, a super city is incompatible with such easily remedied social problems occurring. So Phil instead of thinking the sun shines out of your ass how about you introduce a bill into parliament to build more housing for the homeless in Auckland. Until you do that I strongly suggest you don't even so much as think of voting for this man.

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