Monday, 5 September 2016

Why an Auckland Bus is no place to Read!

 I tried reading Soseko Natsume's masterpiece "The Hearing" on Auckland public transport today but I was Interrupted by the even more unbelievable social lives of two young woman sitting directly behind me, heavy set talking about all manners of things. From strangers coming up to them asking if their nipples were pierced, conversing about a rabid friend of theirs who needed 8 policeman to restrain him when he got take in, too how they were overdue for a shitfest with one of their male friends soon i hate to think what that meant?

What was even funnier was about how one of the girls who wasn't drinking for mental health reasons was appointed sake drink pourer at an event by one of their guy friends who was apparently a reformed jackass, the girl on the right was trying to convince the other that he had improved heaps than when they first meet him, she said "he only makes fun of people he doesn't know now!"

Well that's the joys of Auckland public transport isn't it folks whether you like it or not you get invited to partake in other people’s social lives and understand how people click or wind the wrong way. And I want to say in no uncertain terms if you are so rude as to talk as loud as a fog horn, I’m just gonna take my liberty and share what you say, so the message really gets out as you clearly want everyone within your vicinity to know what banal things are occuring in your ruddy lives. I don't care if you have 3 hop cards and one smells of perfume and the one you lost had $20 dollars on it, so please speak quietly :)

Well what took the cake for me today was the novel line in the conversation about how the two woman were trying to describe how certain pieces of clothing were gender neutral such as corsets and stockings and how the mainstream just hasn't caught on yet, it could be a while yet in dear old NZ! They even went onto discuss how their Russian friend a woman who had a male Kiwi partner liked to dress him up in you guessed it dresses and plaster him with make up all over his face. The twits kept saying how the woman was a lot more masculine than the man, you don't say, surprisingly they never mentioned whether the whole dress thing was you know, consensual?  

dis-claimer: there is no bad intent in this it is simply a public announcement 
                  if so desired this piece of writing can be removed at the behest 
                  of the woman starring in it, who I thought were phenomenal!            

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