Thursday, 15 September 2016

Movie Review - “Crystal Fairy & The Magical Cactus”

You may know of Micheal Cera he has made a lot of crap movies that we’ve probably all watched hated and yet secretly enjoyed. Well dis-regard all your movie prejudice and well placed Hollywood animosity because “Crystal Fairy and the Magical Cactus” available to watch on Netflix's kicks some serious millennial ass.

 The film is based around the ding bat pictured above who is from America and travels all the way to Chile to get wasted on Cactus. Along the way he meets some locals who he befriends including the free spirited and foxy lady “Crystal Fairy”, together the squad decide to find a Cactus and cook it up to get a nice natural buzz going on.

Important to note - said cactus is only found in Chile. Everyone in the film can’t believe how a pasty white guy with no name could travel all the way to their beautiful country just to get ‘out of it’ and drink his lethal slimy looking concoction on a beach. 

The reason why this film is a must see is not to see actors simply pretending to drink peyote cause they actually do no acting necessary yo! Instead you owe it to yourself to watch this film because in one way or another we’re all like the lost American with the cactus desperately searching out something to give our life meaning. We are all guilty of investing our time, energy, love, dreams, hopes into a shallow dead end to avoid the realisation we are all going to die. 

By going on the cinematic journey with ‘Crystal Fairy’ a strange and cosmic woman she shows all morons the world over how we must embrace all aspects of our lives, not only one that we think holds all the answers. This is because we always risk disappoint when we invest heavily in a holy grail that offers any robust meaning to our lives. Arghh shucks just watch the bloody film!  

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