Thursday, 15 September 2016

A Fragmented Poem Written 11/07/2016 edited 12/07/2016 abandoned same day

Strangers on Facebook       living in a digital realm     divorced from our physical reality
Slowly bobbing up and down on the tranquil waves of a shared Wi-Fi connection
Like a lifeboat it connects us together even families
The Simulacrum allows us to experience the outside world once removed
We are confronted by murder        sky rocketing house prices    and Presidential candidates with no hair                                 

Instead of being thanked for staying in a bastard loop of society         we are flogged by bills emailed constantly by companies
Extorting us demanding money from somewhere           to keep our dis-jointed connection insurrection               strong and blue
Failing to pay the troll toll quickly makes us resemble       something akin to a chimpanzee pained with a nagging feeling of
Information withdrawal and pining over a lack of bananas        we can no longer log in and blob out         instead constantly choosing to check the news fuelled by neurosis
Old physical newspapers lay forgotten     or burnt to a cinder more likely used to serve food upon them to furry domestic animals with hungry bellies

We refrain from walking in every instance unless it is with a lover
Much better to drive, pump gas into the oil drenched glory hole and
Drive on, to a MacDonald’s or organic grocery store anything that can be consumed
We desire whether the sub-text is virtue or vice
How irrelevant, we pirate the latest movies, we rip off record companies
We protest the purchase of any goods and services that are not cheaply stolen
We want free stuff the masses shriek

Yet we still struggle to maintain the vicious mortgage
Amidst the chaos we strive to buy back what we most desperately want our
Freedom            to live without exploitation in a true democracy
Were we are not ruled but valued        this is humanities desire in 2016
/ Meanwhile the rain pummels the rooves of our dwellings
Causing holes to spring up      like a slowly sinking ship

We continue to precariously exist          bobbing up and down 
on our island in the sweet south pacific

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