Friday, 9 November 2012

Paranoia - The Neo-Kalashnikovs (an exclusive music video debut)

The Neo-Kalashnikovs release their latest music video "Paranoia" directed by the talented Nick Tidmarsh (Graduate of Design Unitec). As one of The Neo-Kalashnikovs in house directors he has created what the band labels as ecstasy in motion underscored by hear hitting rock. Gabriel the frenetic bass player who has also studied classical piano for 4 years said;

 "This is just what the band wanted, something to get the people fired up like Fish Filet" 

Lead singer Volita Bioletti was also beaming from the bands latest video release for "Paranoia" she said to me that she is so proud of the Neos for creating the track under heavy time constraints in the studio. She told me the recording took place in Point Chev Auckland, NZ at Tonewheel studios. I talked to her over the phone after the release, she said;

"Recording Paranoia was done fast, like the band had learnt the track the night before we were slamming it out a little sleep deprived (laughs) the next day in the studio. By the way we used some un-conventional microphone techniques to get the vocal sound which was something we were aiming for as a nod to our rock influences like the nine inch nails. Also if it wasn't for producer Justin James who worked tirelessly to create our vision this song would have been destined to be a no show, stuck in the vault as a draft. 

But you know, everyone rose to the occasion and were so glad we can present it to all our loyal fans. Paranoia is off our album "She's on Heat" which is available as a instant download so everyone can share our art, but anyone who buy it from our bandcamp gets a credit on the next album coming soon"

They're you have it guys rock music for all 

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