Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Rum Diaries- Starring Johnny Deep - Yeah he's still Rock

The Rum Diaries

This movie is hands down my favorite movie
off the year and one of my all time 
favorites. Starring the newly divorced 
Johnny Deep as a Hunter S. Thompson alias 
and Giovanni Rebisi "that guy" off friends 
who famously dumped singer "Cat Power" for 
a hot super-model. With such a high 
calibre of actors on board this film hauls 
serious crankability. Theres also a fat 
guy who's a follower reporter off the two 
mentioned who rounds out the posse all of 
which work at a falling newspaper in 
Puerto-Rico. With all the trashy columns 
that this trio writes it's worth noting 
that Giovanni doesn't write one article 
throughout the film. As the papers 
religious reporter he takes it upon 
himself to experiment in black magic 
subsequently becoming infatuated with Nazi 
extremism that seems him constantly scream 
his head off and never bath, ever.

The movies name sums up this film in it's 
entirety as there is almost no one who 
stays sober for any amount of time. But 
can you really blame there lack of 
sobriety because hard working reporters 
get seriously hot on a tropical island 
it's a well known phenomena that results 
in excessive rum drinking constantly. I 
know i'd personally prefer to die drunk as 
well because if I'm going to be killed by 
the poverty ridden inhabitants by their 
much loved machetes i'm gonna need a few 
drinks before hopping into the void. Most 
of the drama of this film unfolds in a 
"slum village" apartment in a horrendously 
poor area. The classic "cock fights" in 
their neighborhood also portray the simple 
things in life. For instance like making a 
slick grand or two off a stupid rooster 
that has been breed to be twice the size 
of any dog.  

To all the mainstream movie lovers this 
film isn't a trashy film so if your the 
person who doesn't know who Charles 
Bukowski is I'd insist that you avoid this 
film. It would just be wasted on you. 
Hell, It might even keep you up at night 
because you know what you might actually 
have to think for yourself after watching 
this film. Remember this isn't some 
sanitized Spiderman 8 3d epic that cost 
500 million dollars to make. Instead this 
is a real film shock horror and its about 
real life and how one man triumph over all 
the sober highly strung academics that 
infest journalism. It's important to 
remember Hunter S. Thompson is a man that 
aimed to destroy corruption with a pen. 
One mans fight against societies shadowy 
ideals was always doomed to drunken 
failure, nevertheless he did remarkable 
well. The subtext of this film could be 
summarized in Camus sense of the absurd. 

But for the more adventurous folk out 
there aka Auckland Uni -- Arts Students, 
this ones for you. Sorry, Engineering 
school you have about as much chance 
making sense of this film as describing 
the intricacies of Hydraulic dump truck 
levers in an interesting fashion. But then 
again you might rise to the occasion and 
comprehend the clearly insane nonsense 
that is this stunning film.

Moss Bioletti

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