Monday, 15 October 2012

David Dallas' "Buffalo Man" Mixtape -- Is He Crazy

David "D-Dot" Dallas recently dropped his mixtape Buffalo Man. 
His latest release since "The Rose Tint" is inspired by the undisputed funky white brother from another mother Jamiroquai, and seriously to even mess with J's songs puts anyone on thin ice even Dallas. The reason being that Jamiroquai never really fell of the "bandwagon of quality" as hits have consistently been dropped by the English born native. From the earlier days off Jamiroquai's career to recent times seeing him pile up a healthy amount of tickets in his Lambo the mans a legend. Although the singer may also drive to fast in his Ferrari's for the long arm of the law one may also feel a little bit racy listening to the mixtape from NZ's leading hip-hop head. Undoubtedly David's snap back is well and truly off and motioned in the direction of Jamiroquai in a gesture of respect.

First of all i'm a fan of David Dallas. He's pretty cool as he represents Samoa with class. Just don't count on him tweeting you back lol. I tried many times to get a retweeted to no avail haha. The stand out tracks off the album are easily discernible being; "Put it on the line", "Trouble" and "Never Let you Down". If you consider for a second that the release only has six songs thats it's a really good average of quality dope tracks. Having said that its not all rosy I wouldn't go giving "Buffalo Man" an A+ just yet. Instead I'd give it a solid B+ the reason being he is sometimes off key, falls over his own rap flow and is generally full of too much bravado all we need is substance. 

I don't mean to be overly critical because I really like D-Dot to me he arrived on Something Awesome and laid his claim, forever in the NZ history books.
The reason being his open hearted in his lyrics to the ups and downs of life.
The Buffalo Man i "fuck you" laughs .But, with tracks like the lead single "Ever Get The Feeling" his raps also lack a strong groove as the beat either goes to slow or fast for his rapping. But I can forgive this because David is hyped and I can hear it in his voice, their is some serious cash to be made if he blows up over the Atlantic. Drake the Canadian raptor banked a slick   $14 milli of one smash album, so yeah, theres a reason he's gigging crazy over there with his crew. Lets face it Davids odds are far better than blowing up than a bum off the street hitting the Big Wednesday bankroll. 

I'm gonna stress if Dallas can get his flow under control, bolster up his lyrics with some honest lyrics and smash a hit production with P money he could end up with a platinum plaque stateside. All he has to do is really channel all his potential into his next record. David Dallas is a star definitely on the rise and I ain't surprised.

Moss Bioletti

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