Thursday, 15 November 2012

What is it about Chuck Taylors ??

The weird thing about Chuck Taylor shoes are there success in my view. A little piece of canvas with a shoe sole and a great emblem has destroyed the choice for hipsters. The kids know that a pair of shoes which will always undeniably cool for anyone who isn't too old is the Converse All Star. It looks so unassuming but theres something deeply attached to it that has fostered it's success. I'm not stupid I know that they're branding budget for the shoe would be in the tens if not hundreds of millions but thats not the catalyst for it's success it only maintains it. 

In my opinion what makes the Converse so successful is it's the vibe. The shoe stands for a freedom that is an obvious big F you to all other shoes and fashion in general. While everyone has moon boots with their Nike Swooshs and amazing gadgets the converse has jack all. Essential the shoe is a metaphorical under dog that is supported by youngsters of every generation to show the established old farts they suck. 

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