Monday, 2 November 2015

Did Taylor Swifts Production Team Rip off "Shake It Off"??

Thumbs up for this guy, he could seriously have a legal case in an impartial court of law?I reckon a lot of entertainment lawyers from Nashville to L.A will be frothing at the mouth, with their brief cases and notes at the ready to fight it out in the court room on contingency buoyed by the Marvin Gaye Family win against the plagiarism of the inebriated Robin Thicke!

I find it very strange that Jesse Graham is black and Taylor Swifts music video parodies Black culture, perhaps its an in-house cynical joke? the use of the word "Shake" at the end of the hook of Taylor's version really seems to try its best to obsfucate the use of the word 'fake' at the end of Jesse's, perhaps 'shake" was employed in order to throw anyone off the bread crumb trail that might just lead all the way back to "Haters gone Hate". 

Whats for sure is that T-Swift needs to answer clearly and openly whether any of her 'writers or producers' heard the song and used consciously or not as influencing factor lyrical for her production aka Sam Smith style for "Stay with Me" that hurt his reputation and wallet.

There also seems to be a strong underlining racial dynamic in the claimants case of inequailty that will annoy a lot of black people in America. For to long white artists have been illegal stealing their 'original ideas' from Black artists and not giving them their songwriting credits! from rock to R'n'B just look at the Rolling Stones and their inability to recall past artists songs that sound remarkably like theirs!  

I believe in credit given were credits due, I hope this is resolved before it ruins a talented 'recording artists" legacy that Swift has worked very hard to establish :)

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