Friday, 6 November 2015

Husk's Debut Album "The Freaks" & The Leers Drop Watersliding new single "Finally Happy"

HUSK have released their debut rock album "The Freaks" online and its sick to hear some fiery fuzzied up local rock tunes from the guys. The band recorded their debut album at the Lab studio in only two days and if my sources are correct Djeisan Suskov mixed and mastered some of the record. Husk's record has machine gun drum rolls, face searing guitar riffs and emotional and expressive lyrics with an almost ghostly delivery as well as groovy propelling bass lines reminiscent of Unknown Mortal Orchestra

My favourite cut from the album is;

The new single "Finally Happy" from The Leers produced by Sven Pettersen which includes musician's Matt Bidois, Jack Furniss, Jacob Buchan, James Kippenberger reminds me of Mac De Marco's tripped out college radio album "Salad Days".
Just for a bit of background Mac De Marco created one of largest selling alternative albums in recent history that actually clawed its way onto the Billboard Hot 100;
 Keep your eyes peeled for when 
the album drops! the title is called 

"Are You Curious?".

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