Wednesday, 18 November 2015

SinKara's New Single - "Golden Chains" - Middle Eastern inspired Grunge Rock (Mt Eden)

I've been listening to SinKara's new single "Golden Chains" recorded at Depot Sound recently!

Alexei Wrassky preformed on guitar and vocals. I caught him playing at the end of year MAINZ show at the Dogs Bollix this past Tuesday. His Auckland central based rock band have recorded an E.P that will be released very soon so check out the first single above!  

The guys of Sinkara who also include Jack Gribben on lead guitar, Lucas Ostrowski on Bass, Alex JP on Drums and Alexei - Vocals & Gat also have a sick and truly epic rock song called "Tar Black Day" hiding in their back catalog 

So if your a fan of Pearl Jam's music and there album 10 or enjoy 90's Rock with some sick middle eastern riffing and chord progressions then get amongst SinKara!  

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