Wednesday, 3 February 2016

TPPA Hell No! The Neo-Kalashnikovs Protest Video

TPPA demonstration march up Queen St today. NZ sovereignty shouldn't be negotiable, increase in medical bills isn't good for people and corporations shouldn't be in control of our lives. We have rights..this is not a free trade agreement, its about controlling people on a global scale. Don't sign!

From Volita Bioletti:

I'm not down with the signing of the TPPA... I'm not down with the national government trying to bypass the people of NZ without a referendum or respecting the treaty (not that they ever have) BUT I'm excited about the protests coming up on Thursday. Family friendly march 'Don't sign the TPPA' going down Queen St at 12 noon from Aotea Square as well as The Real Choice Blockade of Federal St going on from 9am. Thank you to Edward Wheeles for joining us on stage after the night of partying that him, Moss & Co endured prior!

Shot and edited by Ruth Bioletti and Sugarlumps Productions 

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