Sunday, 15 December 2013

Brooklyn's "Hunters" have Killer Punk Rock Swag and a T-shirt Game to Die For (Especially that Volcanic Tye Dye One!!!)

New Brooklyn band "Hunters" are getting a lot of hype in the big apple after signing a solid deal with  a label with major distribution and backing. They've also been doing the serious musical rounds and have been playing and featuring all over the place in hotspots on the east coast. They hail from Pennsylvania and I believe they have adopted NY and who the hell wouldn't (this is unverfieid, damn my lazy googliness, but this is rock people its the bigger picture even though the devils in the detail!).

Anyway as I was saying New York is a dope town its like a fairytale on acid with a bit more grim and heatwaves or snow depending on the time of year. Thankful i've never been to NY when its been snowing, otherwise i'd have a sob story about having my toes freezing in the gutter while ate my way through every food vendor selling hotdogs on 7th avenue. However, I do remember getting into New York New York (had to do that sorry) and they had shut down all the hostiles and so we went up to Hotels and we were like being told it would cost like 5 grand, so we were like fuck that and instead stupidly walked through the projects, well almost. We saw some hair brained idiots do that and probably die. Instead Volita and I choose life and managed to beg, borrow and steal the last 2 beds in New York. Even if they were horrendously over-priced.

Anyway, anyway Hunters style and swag reminds me of New York. And thats no bad thing because that city in my books is having a strong resurgence and becoming a serious place to move to a music career. Building up out off the gutter and starting to slay audiences which is exactly what "Hunters" are about. They are the sort of muso's you couldn't help but help light a cigarette for and do some shooters before stumbling on stage and calling out all the prancy boys who think they fought, because they aint; Hunters is Tough, tough like that old man with a trench coat in that tries to stab you with a knife in Central Park but they just have been a random once offer that only happens to people like me to stupid to know when to leave parks (when everyone leaves its a sign).

If you get a minute check out this rock bands tunes on bandcamp!!! and dude this bands t-shirt game is powerful they have this volcanic tye dye that I want arghhh :)

Link to Merch, Music, Vinyls and T-Shirts!!!

There it is that holy grail of a Punk Rock T!!! god bless Hunters may the rock gods be with you friends!!

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