Sunday, 15 December 2013

New Warpaint Record "Biggy" - Psychedelic Heaven

Well what can I say this song is one hell of a trip. It's awesome to see the L.A woman back on top with this quality release. In the new music biz it can seem as if bands kind of fade away but usually they are just working hard on a serious project and then go into full on fight mode to promote that sucker. This definitely seems to me the case for Warpaint. Their song "Biggy" debuted on The Fader one of the biggest global taste makers in music alongside Brooklyn Vegan. New York really does seem to be at the forefront of indie music in my opinion. L.A seems to still caught up in the myths and legends of the majors that were once giants in music. It's probably no different in music on the east coast because most of the small companies are owned by majors, but the labels in Brooklyn are dope. Especially one I don't want to divulge to Auckland Hipsterdom. At any rate I'm stoked that Warpaint have bridged the gap of the states and become very popular on both coasts. This tune really gets cooking around the 2.29 mark with the drums widening out in the mix and engulfing you in Psychedelic stereo heaven that is layered with the caress of dancing angels. But hey thats just my take on it ;)

Also check out the Calvin Klein commercial placement showcasing another record of the new bands sophomore album:

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