Monday, 23 December 2013

Puppet Rebellion - A Fantastic New Rock Band from Manchester, UK !!!

Check out the uber-talented band "Puppet Rebellion" that hail form Manchester, UK the heart of RockNRoll. I discovered them on twitter and i'm really glad I did. Just listening to their song "The New Twenty" has made me feel happier and it's a complete and utter keeper.

The highlights of the track for me are the rolling snare intro that is executed perfectly, then it's the guitars that are bloody brilliant I wonder what effect they are using. However, its The Strokes like vocals that really capture my heart and the bass playing keeps a firm grip on it, love that bass.

I think these lads have buckets of potential so get out there NZ and UK rockers and download their songs, tell your friends and see them preform live. Lastly i've just got to say that their black and white photo above is the best piece of band photography I have seen a very long time!!!

Great work guys its a thumbs up from me and the whole Neos HQ

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