Thursday, 26 December 2013

Terrible Feelings: I Don't Even Know You - A Great Rock Song

You know a songs special when it makes you excited about Rock 'N' Roll. You know that feeling brought on by Real Rock music that stuff that isn't b grade that real A grade shit. I just don't get a buzz from any of that grammy nominated shit for rock song of the year. It seems like those people are still so obsessed by The Rolling Stones and another good but never great song featuring Paul McCartney. Newsflash even though these heinous things are a reality in 2014, I'm just not interested in the 15th grammy on Dave Grohls shelf I don't even think he is haha. 

Instead I'm more interested in bands like Terrbile Feelings who have it all. Great playing, great songs and a heartfelt feeling of soul in their music, something from nothing thats dope. You see in many ways i stand apart from a lot of the music critics on-the-line because they are music lovers whilst I make the music as well :). Thats why I can feel the effort and power of Terrible Feelings it's in their music (like its in mine and others, maybe yours). Theirs really nothing like stepping into a recording studio and saying fuck I guess we better make something. In my mind it's a band like Terrible Feelings that deserve their minute in the vile of shifting sand so thats why I'm writing about these Swedish Pop-Noir champions.

In todays age not to be a cynic (#guiltyascharged) but when you put on a Grammy nominated record in most circumstances theres a feeling that escapes me. The real reason is their is something missing in the music! I'm not saying that they don't get it right but they could lift their game. When Bon Iver took home his Grammy's that to me was the best year on record. When Black Keys one all three grammy's in the rock categories that was good not great; they didn't deserve them all, neither did the Foo Fighters the following year. I think its the case that people need to realize that Rock music isn't something you can put in a box or a categorize and rate like kids school tests.

Know, its really just about self-expression and fighting for your dreams. Thats why you never see many bands these days because people just can't manipulate a good rock band. You can have all the money in the world but it won't help you get to the level of selling out an 80,000 stadium or going number 1 on the billboard. The reason is pop music aside people want rock music made by people like them not some monkey placed on a stage because they have abnormal wailing voice.

Just to rear off on a tangent but I watched a recent video about an A&R saying "I can't be listening to my demo box because I gotta believe that my signed artist is the next zombie superstar. But, in actual fact it's just like Snoop Dog said it be to ASAP "you can't make a star, a star is born". Labels need to remember you can't make the next superstar because they are. If you try and engineer one it will turn to dust and harm their life chances, especially their attainment of happiness. 

Anyway we're way off topic so i'll try and wind up by saying rock music is more than a sHit signle.       It's about changing peoples lives and inspiring them its about giving back to them what society would have them be denied. It's about actually giving a fuck about the people that are downtrodden and forgotten in society, your friends your family the people you love. It's about stepping to people who would rather see you fail than succeed, its about being yourself and enjoying life. It's about standing up for yourself because there are way to many people around the world that can't do shit. Look at Free Pussy Riot they could have been locked up in a Russian jail making police uniforms for 5 years!!!

Thats my friends is what RockNRoll is it's about putting your balls on the line and acting with courage. Being bigger, smarter and more lethal than your oppressors or people that try to judge you. Who the fuck are you to judge me?! when all you did was stay silent when you were passed the golden crown while others wasted away. And yeah it's about having a fucking good time. That my friends is what Terrible Feelings song reminds me of because at the end of the day "I Don't Even Know You".

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