Sunday, 22 December 2013

Coldwar Kids - Still Running Cold - Have a Beer and Find Some Inspiration

Coldwar Kids finally return with a decent song. It's not really a great song but its a song that resembles a great song. It's a bit over-produced and whinge for my taste but a solid effort and its pretty full-bore so it would be dope for in the car.

In all honesty I reckon these guys should go out drinking for a couple of weeks then make a descent album. The song seems to me to uptight and needs to be looser. The people that sound similar are Grizzly Bear and Arcade Fire two bands that I would much prefer to listen to over this crap.

 However, unlike most people who like to hook into these guys and hate on them I do think they have some legitimate talent. All they really need to do really is stop being so uptight. I watched a making of with Gabe once about their duffer second album and it almost killed the buzz for me. These guys need to rock out more and worry less.

They're acting like music historians scratch that they need to grow a pair of balls and be god damn rockers. In conclusion solid song but do us a favour and get of the wagon lead singer and find some proper inspiration, that song is just empty and meaningless we need substance. please!!! you guys deserve grammys!!!.


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