Sunday, 15 December 2013

HardLiving's Music Roster = Top UK Talent (Radio 1 can't stop spinning "I Got U"!!! :)

The song "I Got U" is super dope but the pull up was a yeah-nah but who cares because this song is chronic, Def one for all the house heads in NZ fiending some real music. I was checking out the Hard Living's roster in the UK and they have some quality talent in their ranks for sure. I've also got a song by Clare Maguire a chilled out singer songwriter on the team and her song "Paper Thin" is timeless. People probably know it already but I love those Aloe-Blacc vibes that scream out of the mix. Between the piano stabs and soul inspired drums it;s a killer song, even if its on the completely opposite of Duke Dumont's tune laughs. Apparently the dj/producer hails from UKland and everyone at Radio 1 can't stop themselves from spinning his song "I Got U". Duke's previously had a number one with his hit  "Need U 100%" in the England so this could be a climber on the charts. I don't really care because all I know is I like his latest release. The vocals are so well produced they are like silk while the bass is totally their underpinning everything (as it should be) and the lyrics have that great romantic flare, of course!!!


Stay at home, reflections on ones love life haha

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