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The Rolling Stones, Bobby Womack and Jimi Hendrix - It's All Over Now

The Story of It's All Over Now

This song was written by Bobby Womack and then covered by The Rolling Stones. The song was originally realeased by The Valentinos but failed to get past 97 on Bilboard Hot 100. The Rolling Stones then sent out their version and it went straight to number one, their first ever across the Atlantic. Sam Cooke the legendary sould/gospel/rock musician had to convince Womack to let the band cover the song, he knew  they were gonna be massive. He tried to explain the new music to his great friend Bobby who he toured with for many years in his autobiography;

"Mike Jagger can't sing, the band plays out of tune but they are the only ones that do what they do, if you want it you need to get it from the Stones, you can't buy it in a drugstore"

Coming from Cleveland, Ohio and the gospel scene Bobby just couldn't get his head around the band and their anti-musicianship. He would go on to continue screaming about how the Rolling Stones were stealing his song and how they can go F themselves. That is until his first royalty check rolled through the letterbox...he said that he's been hounding the band ever since to cover another song haha.

A Few Fun Womack Facts:

1) Bobby's family grew up in the heart of the ghetto of Cleveland in a one room house for all 8 family members, rats bigger than cats were common on the streets and he didn't realize that Chickens had breasts until he was 12 because the family were so poor they only ate the necks!

2) His dad had a music group with his friends and they use to practice in his house after getting back from the car factory. They would come over and eat all the doughnuts that the family could possibly provide (which wasn't many). The 5 or so brothers would then began to imitate their dads friends once they left singing and hollering. At first their father thought that they were taking the piss out of them but he then realized that he had been given his deepest desire; Four singing sons, was what he had always wanted. He then began to relentless train the boys eventually leading to the careers that would see Bobby sell well over 30 million records. It was also the catalyst for Cecil Womack the youngest sons brilliant music with Womack and Womack.

3) Bobby was almost murdered by his wife for sexual stupidity
4) The Valentinos were mentored by James Brown in New York, he was by the sounds of it a very tough drill sergeant of soul, but he whipped them into shape in one week flat.

5) He was friends with Jimi Hendrix and toured with him in the early days of his career with Sam Cooke. One of his brothers even threw Hendrix's guitar off the tour bus because he thought the voodoo child had stolen his money out his shoe, no one had bank accounts. Thats the reason why all the singers and players had gold watches to pawn them and live off it and get it back when they were touring through again. Jimi was also accused by Womack of never taking a rest from playing guitar except for going to the loo. Anyway Bobby owns one of Hendrix's guitars that was gifted to him. He turned down a small fortune to retain it from a dealer and still has it to this day.

Here's the original recorded by The Valentino's - sometimes his voice reminds of the late Michael Jackson (R.I.P).

And for people who are really into the song here is great live version with The Stones featuring
John Fogerty:

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