Sunday, 22 December 2013

Jay-Z and Rick Ross - The Devil is A Lie - A song that Potentially tries to Justify Greed and Dis-crimination

Caught up in a racial debacle Jay-z was pressured from his die-hard fan-base to pull out of a racist designer retailer deal. The potential partner Barney's plans on stocking a new range from jigga man that was racial discriminating against black customers in New York.

The officially named "frisked shopping policy" saw people belonging to miniorties frisked after going into the store. Jay-Z said he would still go through with the deal and give all proceeds to his charity the Shaun Carter Foundation.

Thats seems a weak move to make and reeks of greed. But hey even our champs in Hip Hop aint picture perfect and some will put money over people regardless of what charity benefits.

Here is what The Fader pulled out of the song from Jay-Z;

You seen what I did to the stop and frisk
Brooklyn all up in Barneys like we own the bitch
Giving money to the hood now we all win
Got that Barneys floor looking like a V.I.M.
Black hoodie, black skull.

I'm not really convinced about the whole story but hey call me a sceptic!!! 


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