Thursday, 26 December 2013

Hot Single: "Feelings" by Borderline Feat Bailey Willey - Summertime Anthem

I was trawling through and discovered "Feelings" a quality single from Borderline. It was doing very well so I decided to give it a spin and was surprised by the infectious nature of the tune. When you hear "Feelings" you really just want to stop what your doing and start dancing not to mention go crazy when the beat drops.

A song like this makes me excited about NZ dance records makes. And I'm definitely keen to see more from the talented producer. I personally this song would be amazing live at a giant festival in the peak of the NZ Summer. I'm sure Rich will be making the crowds go banana's with this track.

The highlights of "Feelings" as a compositon are the Phat synths which bring a springy lower bass frequency to the tune. I love good bass and thats exactly what I hear on "Feelings" it hits you like a brick and makes you want to keep grooving till you can't groove no more. The drums are also super on point and offer a solid foundation for the song. The inherent builds in the track also reminds me off classic DNB tunes that are the benchmark of the genre. Great song. Vote for it here on The Audience and help drive it number one were it belongs!!!

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