Saturday, 21 December 2013

Premier: Spycc - Slow Down - Shot on Video Camcorder

My mutual friend Spycc released his latest music video "Slow Down" in early December. I dig the tongue in check video. It looks like it was shot on a camcorder that 90's oldskool ting before the digital revolution. I went to "Onehunga High School" when the aforementioned rapper was in attendance I remember those days very vividly.

The kids were always onto the latest trends way before I was. Thinking back I remember all my friends doing the Soljah Boy dance before anyone else was in NZ haha. People were always saying this guy is coming up man, next thing you know he is the first person born in the 90's to go number one (US).

On the track the flow of Spycc is dope as always. I really like the energy of the video and the little kid riding on the tricycle reminds me of the one I had. It was blue though and it got all rusted because I left it in the rain. The back trailer was just a hole.

 It's great to see kids still going hard on their tricycles and dope to see Spycc promoting positive vibes in the community. It would be sick if this song was getting solid spins on TV over Xmas. It would totally open up the doors to other artist getting local content on TV. Seems rather silly that something by NZ on Air should get spins while something else doesn't when there is no difference in the content. Hopefully Spycc's video kicks down some doors in the industry that needs to remember Talent is at the top of the industry and everything else is dependent on emerging artists.

To sum up I'm loving the video, loving Onehunga talent & looking forward more new music in 2014!

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