Thursday, 19 December 2013

Brand New Music: Volita Bioletti (The Neos) & These Violent Delights - Limited Run almost Sold Out!!!

Writer: Moss Rock
I trooped off to the show-case of "Volita Bioletti & These Violent Delights" this Thursday at 
Whangaparaoa. Our hosts Reggie and James Cameron of (Coast Open mic night) were lovely
as always and the Belly dancers were amazing!!! It was a great night all round and awesome
to see the accumulation of Volita's hard-work producing the record for the Auckland veteran
rockers TVD.

In my opinion the performance reeked of 90's alt-rock with a distinctly British flavour. 
And my stand out track of the night was "Underground". I absolutely loved this track. 
I talked to co-producer and talented multi-instrumentalist AJ of TVD and he also thinks
that song is a keeper!! I am almost certain my favourite song on the night could be the
front runner for the lead single off the record.
Time will tell as the official release will be out early 2014. However, there are so many
strong songs it really will be hard to choose.

I pressed up a limited run off 30 pre-release cd's for the event and only have 5 left. 

If any rockers in the building want a copy of the "Volita Bioletti &
 These Violent Delights" (Pre-release) feel free to email: 
for your copy. It's on sale for $5 plus postage and all proceeds go towards band activities
(gotta love those activities :) The cd would definitely make a fine present for an avid Neos
 fan, especially if its a surprise! and its not available any where Digitally!!!

The songs featured on the record are:

1) My Violent Delight        (Full on Rock Song)
2) Ophelia                          (Alternative Rock song - The fan favourite)
3) Take Me Out Tonight    (Classic Kiwi Rock song)

There are a lot of guitars on this record so turn it up loud and Rock On!!!! Neos

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