Saturday, 21 December 2013

Premier: John Mayer & Katy Perry - "Who You Love" Music Video (Out Now)

Here it is people the new video of John mayer and Katy Perry for "Who You Love". When I first listened to John Mayer's album Paradise Valley the mentioned song immediately jumped out at me. I knew instantaneously it was gonna be a single, it's just so smooth and soulful. 

In the video theirs a lot of super slow-mo and glitter but it's all good. And all the love-dovy stuff kind of goes with the song.         My favourite musician on the recording is drummer Steve Jordan.  He just kills it with his super-talented feel that makes a simple groovy extraordinary. The lyrics in the tune are also really dope as well as Katy Perry's vocal tone.

Judging by the video and the onscreen chemistry I think John and Katy are completely in love and it could be a long-lasting relationship by the looks of it. Their Chinese horoscopes match so thats on their side (Snake and Rat apparently get along very well, especially as lovers yuckk ;). 

And lets face it Jennifer Aniston was way to old for JM. Brad Pitt's ex seems like a complete can of worms and he doesn't need full on trouble in his life no more. It's also not a good loot for famous rockers to be dragged down by terrible actresses (who get their big-breaks like Friends due to nepotism).

I'll leave you with a quote from John Mayer himself that he said about the project for "Who You Love" (he's so emotional in his old age haha);

"Proud of this songproud of this artwork, proud of this girl" 

Well i'm glad to see he still has his priorities right :)

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