Thursday, 26 December 2013

New Producer: Evian Christ - Working on Yeezus, Flying to Paris and signing to Kanye West's Donda Music

Evian Christ was your regular everyday kid from the boondocks. However, his grind in his humble study with one studio monitor broke the mould. By abusing a cracked version of Cubase and a shitty 100 pound computer he created magic in the most unlikely of circumstances. I recently read an interview he gave and he said he's still coming to grips with having a fan base! :) 

Not many in NZ may know but Josh as Kanye West probably refers to him as made a classic record called in Kings and Them in 2012 for his project Tri-Angle. The shit blew up on the internet and got the attention of the ears of Jesus I mean Yeezus himself. Josh then transformed into Evian Christ and starting making hundreds of beats for Kanye's latest record. His song placed on the biggest selling Rap Album of 2013 was "I'm In It" which is a considerable feat for someone so young. His story has strong parallels to Boi1Da in my opinion, a young super talent visionary that ended up producing some of Eminiems biggest hits pre SSLP2.

Josh has gone on to sign with Mr West's Donda music and will be making beats for the Rapstar full time. This abrupt career change sees him move to New York city to come hip in the biz. The kid also has a new record dropping soon and will of course continue to crank out some of the hottest experimental mainstream cross-overs in the game. Check out his latest song "Salt Carousel" that has turned the internet into a wasteland after being ravaged by the fire track. Congratulations on getting crazy spins on Radio 1 and everywhere in-between Josh, big things to come for you bro!!! :)

p.s - Almost forgot Kanye flew Josh out to Paris on the asap when he start chopping up for Yeezus

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