Saturday, 14 December 2013

Have you seen this man??? Open letter to Tom my friend on Myspace (Breaking News: Tom has Been Found, He's alive and well and Trolling!!!!!!)

If you have seen this man on a social media platform near you please contact us, we are scared for his safety - The Neos

Dear Tom
Haven't seen you in a while. Hows life treatin ya. We were talking about you today. We were wondering where our friend had got to. If anyone has seen our friend Tom please contact us :
theneokalashnikovs. We're sorry that we our deleted myspace account Tom. But it was impossible to transfer our information onto the new platform Tom!! Justin Timberlake and all his R N B cronies have ruined it for you and me Tom. Still glad you got paid all the Timberlake money!!! but was it really worth??? it Tom to kill the myspace community for money??? We were talking about you again today Tom were worried about your safety, where the hell are you Tom!!!. I remember those days when you were are only friend on myspace, my god this world is cruel. We considered starting a new myspace account again today Tom just because we missed you!!, but we decided it wouldn't be the same. MYSPACE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME TOM!!! you've left us with Facebook (those arseholes) who charge us every time to pose anything to anyone about anything even our friends Tom... friends like you Tom do you remember?? God I hope your o.k Tom contact us to let us now. We love you Tom and we want you to come home!!!

The Neos

(Breaking News: Tom has Been Found, He's alive, well and Trolling!!!)

If you have time Tom we'd be keen to do a collab and GO VIRAL with some top content were producing just email me, i'm myspaceless and lonely:

I have heaps of Facebook friends but they're just not like myspace fans, remember when bands could get famous off myspace, all I do on Facebook is PAY ZUCKERBURG!!! he doesn't care about bands, we can't even talk to our fans without breaking the bank how did this happen??                                   You the man TOM!!!! :)      Hate Facebook   Soundcloud isn't as good as

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