Thursday, 26 December 2013

New Artist: Ferreira Sky - Superstar on the Rise

I'm know an instant fan of Ferreira Sky. I thought she was someone that was signed by a drop kick producer that had made some hits. In actual fact this girl is awesome. I like how she is a bit unsure of herself and her own musical abilities! but really she has nothing to worry about. Her artistic call to collaborate with Gasper Noe was tremendous and has paid a divined. His art direction or guidance has helped Sky really made cut through visually, her video clips and artwork are very oringial and yet so familiar (psycho).

In many ways she reminds me of a porcelain doll and a super-model wrapped up in a fragile body embed with a rockers die-hard soul. The news on the street is that she will be touring with musics number one chick Miley Cyrus in 2014. No doubt the tour will go off and their will be some headlines involved thats for sure haha. Check out the video that converted someone that hadn't even heard her music to a person keen to see more from this talented and beautiful woman. I knew that grey t-shirt in Ariel Pinks video was a piss take haha!!!

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