Thursday, 26 December 2013

Hot Single: Them Swoops - Work Around It

Them Swoops are poppy modern rockers from Melbourne, Australia. I was really impressed when I heard their single "Work Around It", especially when I heard they had recorded the song themselves in their own home. After tracking it the band shipped off their e.p Glimmers to sunny L.A. It was then mixed by Mark Needham the man behind Imagine Dragons, "Hot Fuss" (The Killers) and Block Party solid!!! I also found out that If you listen to the song "Work Around It" carefully enough it does have similar sonic qualities to those brilliant bands!

The band is signed to 1+ Records, which I actually thought was a management company but it must be a label as well. I seem to remember the 1+ representing The Kooks! Them Swoops is also signed up with Zync placements who are definitely no slouches stateside. Chances are pretty high that you might hear this song in an awesome commercial, Superbowl anyone.

On another note perhaps a musicians perspective I think it would be sweet if Them Swoops branched out into producing other groups. I'm sure a lot of musical projects would come out sparkling if they worked with these talented Melbourne rockers in the studio.


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