Monday, 9 December 2013

Sleeper Agent's New Rock Single "Waves" - A Dose of Californication

Sleeper Agent is a young rock band from Bowling Green Kentucky, in the USA and hail from the same underground rock scene as Cage the Elephant. Both the bands veteran guitarists remember swinging around on bar tables and generally getting raucous in the early days of their "Rocknroll degrees" before snatching deals from the majors. After placing songs in car commercials playing packed out concerts with Weezer and generally being good dudes Sleeper Agent are back with their new single "Waves". The song is pretty chilled out and sings about relaxing in California, something that I can definitely relate too (and the Kings of Leons aka "California Waiting" cover).
 If you haven't been to Los Angeles the feeling is kind of hard to describe but you can capture it anywhere in the state. I guess it's just the pure dopiness underpinning the capital of world entertainment. And its not the dopiness of down and outers buzzing out on Sunset Boulevards in the middle of the night. Instead of picturing a dark nightmare try and conjure up a euphoric feeling, like living in a fairytale were everyone is satisfied. The reason for the happiness in LA is because everyone has travelled hundreds of miles across the U.S in the vast majority in search of opportunity a career or at the very least a good time. When I listen to Sleeper Agents song Waves this is what it reminds me of the very fabric of the West Coast built up over time and cemented by the carefree days and great vibes in the sweet sunshine. Perhaps the Chilli Peppers hit the nail on the head when they named that special buzz 'Californication'. Whatever it is The Eagles, Gram Parson and the plethora of other countless Californian legends didn't come out of nowhere. And neither did Sleeper Agent so keep your ears perked for the new record dropping early 2014, on Mom + Pop/RCA. On a personal note I am really looking forward to the rockier material on record. I just hope my computer speakers can cope with the  audio onslaught on full volume, fingers crossed they survive !!!    

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  1. They are from Bowling Green Kentucky

  2. This is such a great track! Have you seen the lyric video for it?