Saturday, 21 December 2013

NZ Premier: Lana Del Rey - Tropico (Short Film) - It's Better than Wizard of Oz (the Original)!!!

Three music videos in one from the hipster-star Lana Del Ray. It's a modern epic with; colours that are everescent and fantastical.The co-star is an albino. Snakes are licking her face. She wears flowers and roses that are blood red. Smoking joints. Pale skin sunburnt, freckles. Spoken-word. Ancient Greek themes. Rivers and breathing. Beautiful bodies. Pure art. Elvis, Marilyn, Cowboys. Souls and Bodies. poems. Crickets,skeletons, Big Choruses, Angels, Garden of Evil, Sunshine, Liquor, hands on waist, Don't get along with God. No ones gonna take my soul away. Heaven on Earth. Flashing lights. Red Bikinis. Gold diamonds. Virgin Mary. Shitty food, medicine I need, straight to the heart please, guns, bubbles fucked up holiday, crosses, etc

Thats only 12 minutes in it gets even more crazy!!! pure-carnivalesque beauty!! Haven't seen something this dope since Wizard of OZ (the original)!!!! :) 

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