Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Testing Testing - "Ophelia" Hits Number 1 on the Wild Card & Unreleased Charts (The Audience)

Thanks to everyone that helped Ophelia Hit number 1# on the Audience Wild Card Charts & Unreleased Chart as well are songs all over the Rock & Daily Chart you the best so good!!! TVD :) :)

Just some words about The Audience Chart and the reasons behind us entering the song.                      Firstly we wanted to test out all our songs by TVD and create new fans so a pre-release was ideal to build awareness. 

Prior to releasing "These Violent Delights" the Neo camp was slightly sceptically about the platform and it's integrity. However, we've tested it out and find it to be a very robust, fun and invigorating way of sharing New Zealand music, building hype and gaining fans.

A few tips:
1) Cool Graphics
2) Have some more lead up time than we did although 2 day campaigns worked for us and didn't burn out our fan base by voting !!!
3) They check your I.P address so spamming is not advised
4) Support and check out other artists you never know who you might want to collab with
5) DON'T JUST VOTE, share listen, tell you friends your mum your cat that your aiming for number 1
i.e become a fan of the page and cue tracks
6) Release your unreleased songs that are brand new because people will want to genuinely want to listen and you might gain new fans
7) Make a low-budget video to promote your main single 

Volita Bioletti's rating and feed back: 8/10
"Great for indie Artists who put in the time, but still sceptical about the funding system in general"!!

Moss Bioletti: 10/10
"It's fun to be on any type of charts were musical fans are listening" 
Stream Ophelia Here:  

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