Sunday, 22 December 2013

Premier: Guy Sebastian - Like A Broken Drum (Music Video)

This is a really interesting video from Mr Guy Sebastian. "Like a Broken Drum" is his latest single at it's kind of cheesy haha. Like the majority of the world population I to am surprised by Guy Sebastian. Like many I thought he was a flash in the pan. But even I didn't mind his song about a hot woman walking into the club (Like She Just Walked into the Club!!!).

Although not bad this song seems to be a bit confused is there even a drum in the video (gotta admit I couldn't watch most of it). Guy Sebastian isn't really my cup of tea but I'm sure his core-fanbase are happy about the new single (someone has to be right).

The reason I really like this song is because I no it's not really gonna get hammered on the radio which is a good thing. I'm kind of over hearing Mr Sebastian's voice screaming about pointless dribble that someone else has written. It's kind of like fast-food his music and I'm in need of a proper meal like everyone else in Australasia. We have to admit it Guy Sebastian is full of surprises and I he imagine will continue to be a culture anomaly, never to be repeated.

If you like cheesy fast-food music this song is for you!!! I've listen to the song so many times it kind of made me feel ill.


If you want to shout out to Guy Sebastian get at him here:

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