Sunday, 22 December 2013

Premier: Little Mix - Little Me: The latest song from the new Spice Girls ;)

This song would be priceless if One Direction were singing it. The song is called "Little Me" by "Little Mix". I don't like the production that much it just doesn't jump out at you. I like my mainstream music more catchy so catchy I hear at once and can't stop myself buying their whole back catalogue on iTunes.

It's no doubt a solid attempt from the Spice Girls but it doesn't speak to me. A whole lot of young woman singing about being poor when they are on a major with a single backed by the dollars.     Seems a bit of a contradiction to be marketing to the everyday person.

I really dislike the monotonous speeches from the people but hey this could be your next favourite song so check it out. The song could grow on me but I just can't see it happening it just reminds me to much of past songs and it comes across as a bit preachy!!!

I'd give Miley Cyrus a spin over the pop tarts any day here is a much better song aye :)

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