Friday, 6 December 2013

Tom Lark's new single "Haircut" (Studio and Unplugged Versions)

Here is the brands new single from the talented Tom Lark called "Haircut". As always the production for the tune is top notch. I also really like the guitar tone and jumpy playing for the intro. It actually reminds me off all the times I jumped around in the seat while getting my haircut. When I was a younger chap I had to have my hair cut because my personality would bounce back into line with societies norms from think reformed rascal/menace to society. Man everything is flashing back into my minds eye listening to this song. One particular bad haircut was a number 1 and 3 on the sides cringe haha.

Highlights from this song are definitely the bass drum, i'd actually be interested to know if it was programmed or live in the studios. It's almost like 1960's rock meets modern electro production. The Beach Boys definitely seems like a solid influence on Mr Lark. I've got to say if this is a hint of whats to come I reckon will all go get a haircut and get Tom Lark's new album.

For music addicts check out this live unplugged version of the song courtesy of The Riff Records :) damn those are some nice looking microphones!!!

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