Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Rocawave Records: First Digital Release on Day One of 2014 - Haters Want Me Clapped in Chrome

Here it is the first digital release on Rocawave Records called "Haters want me Clapped in Chrome".                       The song samples a classic drum break lovingly sculpted with Maag E.Q (plugin).                                   The bass line was then pounded out on a very outdated vst synthesiser cloning a 
                trashy early roland. The vocals are unmistakable those of  
Mr Jay-Z the "Hova" Carter. 

The art design was tackled by the label as well as mixing & mastering. This song is really an instrumental to be freestyled over. But to be honest for that lone minute (literally) listening to this        track you could probably pretend your 2pac rolling round in LA for all I care. 

F@ck it's good to be RockNRolling in 2014. Day one into this year and it's fitting to have our first release on the same day to keep our swag up. And best believe there's gonna be some dope rock, dance music due out this year!!!


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