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Volita Bioletti - The NZ Musician Magazine Interview (Uncensored)

Hey Babes this interview was requested by NZ Musician Magazine but was never printed due to censorship from within. I would have loved to have been in it but as you can see the NZ music industry is just to sensitive!
 It's a lil bit fashy with its "do what I say, think what I think, like who I like or we no print you!!!" HAHA
So petty NZ women wars censorship aside I thought I would just put it on my blog cause it will no doubt get heaps  more reads this way ;) By the way there's no spell check on this bitch :)

Love Volita Pearl Bioletti XOX

Photos by Katie OH xox

Name: Volita Pearl Bioletti

Birth date: 12/08/1987

Born in: Auckland, Otahuhu 

Preferred online contact:

What do people know you best for? My band The Neo-Kalashnikovs

Past musical projects: Debut rock album 'She's on Heat' & sophomore album 'Gorgeous baby'. 

What was your first band, how old were you, and what kind of music did you make? 
I played in a intermediate school band aged 12. Me and Annabelle Turrell rocked out in front of full school assembly playing "Today is the greatest" by The Smashing pumpkins. 

Most played artist(s) in your family home while growing up?
Neil young (Zuma), The Saints, JJ Cale, The Eagles, The Doobie brothers, New order, sneaky feelings, George Michael, The Bee Gees, Elvis, Nirvana, Jamiroquai.

Were you ever in Rockquest? Band name? Success? Nah.  

Did you go to a music school? Which? Course? Nah.

If you could join any Kiwi band from the last 25 years which would it be?
Dragon or Hello Sailor. 

Current musical project(s): 
Third album 'Urban Warfare' & touring.

Your main instrument(s):
I've played a gibson melody maker publicly for the past 8 years straight but I have discovered that they don't give a shit about the contemporary young artists out there slugging it out to make it while representing them as they do it. I'm now switching to Fender & Italia. I thought I was a gibson player for life but things change, sexism happens, especially in the guitar making industry. 

Best tip you were ever given in regards to music?
If there's no love don't do it from LA artist and friend Patria Jacobs who has seen the music industry from the inside out from major labels to indie success. This tip has proved priceless because no good comes from no love. Also LA folk artist and friend Amanda Jo Williams taught me to never stop because if being a musician is really what you are then you will have to come back and start all over again, you won't escape it. My tip would be get great mentors and friends who care about your personal success. You will only find them by taking risks and fighting for what you want in life. 

Word or theme you use a lot in your songs: 
Love - tragic, heart wrenching, obsessive love. And the word 'baby' it's got good diction as well as words 'gonna' 'wanna' and 'aint'. 

Pick any Kiwi to collaborate with on a musical project: 
Hello sailor or Chris Knox…which reminds me I've got some secret recordings of chris playing with The Nothing that I need to give him lol. 

Song (with artist) you wish you had written:
The River- Bruce Springsteen.

A piece of advice for today’s teenage musicians?
Don't be a perfectionist like everyone wants you to be you will just end up doing nothing! Also you don't need to go to a 'rock n roll' school and get tortured with tests and be put under the financial stress of a student loan to be a rock musician. WHERE'S THE ROCK IN THAT? I've seen so many great artists be emotionally crippled by this kinda crap and never play again which is starting to make me really angry. I've been doing my informal rock n roll degree for 10 years now it's called 'the real world' aint no tests there. It's just sink or swim but there is also a lot of freedom and happiness which comes with that.

3 must-have things to take on tour:
My brothers Moss and Gabriel who rock out with me, one outfit & promo merch to stuff down important people's pants in radio stations and throw around the streets every time you get out of the tour van. 

Got a good tour/recording story you’d like to share with us?
Our cadillac story is still my fave. Waiting at a bus stop on sunset boulevard to get to our show at the Viper room in LA. Two dudes pull up in a white 80s convertible cadillac. Said they were looking for grass and would drop us off on the way. Both just out of prison. Really nice guys, it was one of their birthdays. Pulled up outside the club on the pavement after the ride of our lives. Our drummer got bounced for being underage by a bouncer who said he would have let him in if he hadn't lied to him, so sensitive. Ended up playing solo with our two new friends on percussion. Priceless. 

Closest you’ve come to a disaster so far in your music career:
Never cause I make the rules. Having no food and being stuck in a foreign country is kind of a  disaster but then when you get some ciggies and booze for survival and make great new friends it's a beautiful disaster, one you always remember. 

What’s in your ideal backstage rider? 
I don't really care about riders. I like hanging out with fans and drinking at the bar so I'm more into having a tab to share with whoever i'm sitting next to. That's more fun than being backstage with a couple bottles of jack etc acting like your different from everybody else. I admire Suede and the way they treated their fans as equals and I wish some of the bands I look up to and spend 100 bucks to see would treat me like an equal. 

Do you have any pre-performance rituals? 
Getting to the gig is enough of a ritual. I have huge fights with moss (drummer/brother) before most shows, it's a miracle we play at all. Door slamming and in your face screaming we are exhausted by the time we get there. 

What will we be saying about you in our 30th anniversary issue?
Depends if i make it past the 27 club. 


Your favourite song of your own so far: 
Turn the tables & Mean things. 

Favourite key. Why? 
Whichever one works. Love me some drop D, currently working on open G.

Favourite current Kiwi album: 
"She's on Heat"

Favourite songwriting tool/accessory: 
Relationship bust ups and a nice journal… i'm really picky cause some can make you write better than others. Preproduction demos are a must as well so you can choose the musical direction of the song and produce it properly. It's amazing what you can find in that process.

Favourite pedal/effect: 
I have trouble with pedals I love them but every time i put time into setting them up for a show I get on stage and they won't work. I end up swearing and abusing them in front of everyone. I now only use one at a time live occasionally if ever but i have a great collection and love using them for recording. They are like shoes I can't resist them. I plan to get a guitar tech eventually to solve my pedal problem. The first one I bought was a fluro pink 'Thrash master' at 12 years old. I have a P.O.G if I ever need a bassist replacement and of course I have a Hotcake. I actually love locally made pedals and still need a Tinitus pedal from Wellington and a Wee pedal from Mt Roskill. I tried to purchase a local pedal in Dublin that I feel in love with but Simply Red has purchased the only 3 others that the guy had made. Boo.

Favourite piece of vintage gear:  
I have an original Pignose busking amp and I love Neve recording desks. 

Favourite Kiwi song from the last 25 years:
She's been talking to my friends by The Muttonbirds.

Book (title & author) you recommend to friends.
The seduction of Peter S. by Lawrence Saunders. 

Favourite band from your hometown/suburb: 
I'm a serious fan of Prowler.  

Favourite NZ venue to play in? 
Power station

Favourite venue to see bands in (current or historic): 
The Schooner where Britomart is now. Eden's Bar on Krd. RIP.

Favourite live sound engineer? 
My good friend Rob Pinder who engineered for the Jean Paul sartre experience.

Favourite video of your own to date:
Gorgeous Baby directed by my closet friend and super music aficionado Star Hart in Brighton. UK. 

Favourite Kiwi music video of the last 25 years: 
Thought creatures- Your Telepathy By Simon ward. I would love to work with him.

Favourite music blog: 
"Nerdy Frames' blog! He works so hard and deserves so much recognition in the NZ music industry for his contribution to the independent international music community. The Neo-Kalashnikovs owe him a lot for his unwavering support. 

Favourite media mangling of the truth? 
We love whatever they say and we love vice magazine best! 

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