Thursday, 19 December 2013

New Video: Mas Ysa - "Why" - (Ice Hockey indie music video)

Residing in Brooklyn, NY Mas Ysa has delivered up stunner called "Why". The tune has been doing really well on top music blogs around the world. I really like the visuals and theme in his video. It reminds me off all my friends that like to train hard in sport. One of my friends is also a top ice hockey player who represented New Zealand and I think he will really like it.

My other friend James is an avid Lacrosse player and I think he will dig it. It's really great to see an indie video with sports in it. Maybe if there were more videos likes this we'd actually get out more and play sport :)

Highlights of this track: Singing Performance
                                      Drum machines
                                      Soul & Heart of Artist

Pre-order Mas Ysa's Worth EP and get 'Why' now: 

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