Sunday, 22 December 2013

Pink the Artist named after her Hair and Nathan Ruessianbo - Just Give Me A Stupid Reason Feat Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Here it is people Pink and the lead singer of Fun Mr No name I mean Nathan Ruessianbo. So what do we think of this video. Well I don't really have a reason but I would like to say that the singing is good. The video is almost cookie-cutter generic. This song verges on the painfully annoying. The singing although good reminds me of two chipmunks norring a leg off an suspecting camper on Queen St.

This video has almost given me a deep hatred of teddy bears, in all truth teddy bears have had a tough year in 2013. In between Miley Cyrus, Pink and Ashton Kutcher they haven't had much time off trying to sell things and marry people. But if we really want to talk about something interesting what about Ashton marrying that young thing Mila Kunis. I wasn't struck by how hot the co-star of black swan was until a random film I watched recently about a washed up piano player who ditches a low-life girlfriend and writes a musical for Mila and then appears naked at the end. All in all this brilliant film of which the name escapes me painted Mila in a very favourable light and we saw that she actually had a solid ability to act well. Something that can not be said for many actresses or actors in Hollywood. Accept Tom Cruise man can that guy jump on a couch and fly around with aliens well.
All in all I find the above Pink song nauseating and painful to listen too.

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