Saturday, 21 December 2013

New Music: PNC, P-Diggs (Shapeshifter) & Pat of State of Mind - Drop New Single "Ride" - Solid

PNC, P-Diggs (Shapeshifter) & Pat of State of Mind have released a new track called "Ride".              I've gotta say straight out of the box the vocal production on this song is stunning. It's great to hear PNC's flow on full fire like Charizard roasting a Snorlax. I wonder who tracked the vocals.                  
A minute ago PNC retweeted something saying The Neos were lost with a Goat in Britomart looking for the VNZMAS haha. We were actually in Welly but I thought it was funny.  

P-Digs vocals shine on this track and its awesome that producers Matt Miller and Pat teamed up to add in the Trance-Dance drop. It's also super nice to hear PNC's flow being before the beat. Sometimes NZ rappers tend to hang back on their timing when flowing over a beat (must be something to do with how chill we are in Kiwiland).

This is getting a thumbs up from us and you should get your hands on a Dirty Records download off iTunes if your feeling it. Wish Kiwi artist would start pressing Vinyls of their dope music and selling it independent. That would be crank!!!


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