Sunday, 22 December 2013

Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box - Need to Counteract cheesy posts arghhh!!! :) Dead Sara Cover

The theme and ideas for the legendary Nirvana video were actually ripped off by the band and second director that ended up shooting the music video. Arguably it could not have been shot better. It seems like a sad thing to do though ripping off someones idea and using it behind their back. All good though hopefully this video counteracts the cheesy Guy Sebastian post and Digital Santa.

 I've also included the professionally recorded cover by Dead Sara of "Like A Broken Drum" I mean "Heart-shaped Box". Is it just me or do they songs sound slightly similar, perhaps something was lifted bu Guy Sebastian. No, I don't think thats even possible perhaps his writers were listening to Nirvana at the time. Na, I think I just need to get my ears checked. Lemon Scent is the latest song from Dead Sara
they are working on their next album, see what you think?!

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