Saturday, 21 December 2013

Premier: David Dallas - The Wire Feat Ruby Frost - Rap Flow is On Point

Here is the new David Dallas video "The Wire" co-starring Ruby Frost. I'm digging the visuals of the video shot by Joel Kafeli (Lorde). I think the flow on this song is a solid effort by the South Auckland Rap upstart. Arguably the kid is reigning supreme in NZ. Not sure about the choice of Ruby Frost's "Wire"vocal  motif, sounds a little bit strained. But, DDot's flow is on point.

The great thing about David Dallas is his perserverance and hard-work. He could potentially hunt down a solid stateside hit. All he needs is a top songwriter to help him kill the hook like Alicia Keys and Jay-Z when they teamed up on "New York" (outsider writers penned the hook). No doubt The Neo-Kalashnikovs could deliver a renewed injection into the creative mix (lyrically, vocally, hooks)   but at the end of the day thats the artists decision.

If I was helping manage David Dallas I would concentrate on dropping singles every 3 months and throwing away the album format. Bigger buzz and happier fans. It would no doubt be easier to fuel his creative model. Wishing him a solid 2014 and Sorry for insulting ya bro (real talk)!!! :), just pissed me off hard when NZ on Air didn't give me a shot and my detractors on the board were allowed to run a personal vendetta when they should be concentrating on funding dope art. And it's still all good.

The Neos

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