Thursday, 7 April 2016

Drinking at "Scarlett Slims" in Mt Eden with GreenPeace Eco-Sales Warriors

So I was running late this morning after catching up with my friend Sabrina who is French Canadian.
I had missed seeing a jazz gig with her the day before and she had just finished her job at Green peace after working round the whole South Island. To avoid being labelled a Pike (someone that you always invite to things but never manages to attend even one lol) I caught the bus to Mt Eden and caught up with her and her co-workers in the dimly let "Scarlett Slims" were I found the gang of environmental eco-warriors congregated around a small worn table like out of a scene from LOTR.

Everyone had their drinks already so I surveyed the drinks menu with a cunning eye, I flicked through the badly worn pages of bar that at once let me know that this was a drinking bar of serious proportions. After having a serious commercial run as the "Eden Cloakroom" the newly named "Slims" had re-branded to attract I imagine a more hip Millennial crowd, while at the same time maintaining a Baby Boomer likeability. Sadly I am not able to drink alcohol at the moment, doctors orders, its really funny as I feel actually far more inclined to drink which I never had the feeling to do before generally haha. As soon as something is out of reach you find a hidden desire for the thing that before held no appealing at all. I guess that's why Aristotle stated the most pleasant thing in life is getting what one wants!

Anyway to cut a long story short I ordered an orange juice (no ice) and poured myself a water too. I meet some nice new people from different parts of the globe as well as Riley from Levin (NZ) and a younger chap who said his age was Sexteen when asked his age i.e old enough to have sex, his favourite band was Six60 and believed that the vast buck of the Godzone's population were die-hard fans as well, I certainly didn't quiz him on such an assumption being a fan of the band too and in-particular we shared the same favourite song of the first album "Purple" which was cool. I told him a cool fact about Chris Mac (the bassist) had played Paul MacCartney's bass on "So High" the second single off their latest album and he seemed just as impressed as when Mac had told me laughs! he better not have been lying :)

So the night wandered on and the drinks were drained off their last drops of alcohol from Monteiths distillers and the like. We did have a funny talk about French and Sabrina told me the genders of all the items in her language which was funny and surprising, I don't think the average Kiwi male would be impressed with hearing their beloved car is female, but actually on later reflection that makes complete sense as men tend to think of their cars as woman for sure. Beanie's were deemed feminine also. The introductory word used before an object La (feminine) Ler (masculine (probably spelt that wrong!) we discovered had know real way to help identify trans-gender individuals and objects noted by Riley singer out of Switchblade Season so I ingeniously haha demanded that Sabrina change all words that introduced objects in French to be       La-Ler to avoid gender stereotypes and emancipate the language in the name of Egalite. We thought about the idea and how horrified the French would be at the thought of a Kiwi telling them how and why to bastardize their own language.

(Song of the day "Never Kissed  A Blonde) the name of this song has been rebounding in my head, I keep thinking does it count if you kissed a girl who was a brunette before and then you kissed her again when she had dyed her hair Blonde. Does it count if they're not naturally blonde? Kinda of kissed a Blonde! ;)

 In the end instead of legging it to the local grocery store aka steroid powered supermarket Countdown we called it a night the Greenpeacers descending to their hostels for a final night cap as they had to rise early in the morning some needing to meet deadlines to signing up in order to continue saving the world. On a final note their was an affable German from Cologne who didn't like Auckland much, I said maybe it was because we lack culture and history in NZ or history that were willing to acknowledge like the brutal massacre of the indigenous population, he certainly agreed noting the lack of architecture (we knocked down all the beautiful buildings) but we came to the sorry conclusion that was really wrong with Auckland was the price of a beer, in Cologne you can get 750ml bottle of Vodka for 5 euro (hobostyle he said) or a civilized pint of beer at a bar for 3. After busing home i jumped into bed and woke up the next day late but happy!

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