Sunday, 10 April 2016

Dope New Videos from; Shakes - "Tambourine Girls" & Pikachunes "You Are"

Shakes new video 'Tambourine Girls" dropped last week and if I am not mistaken the songs sounding even better with some funny Jack-blasque visuals to go with it. But do I have a stigma in my left eye or does the guy in the video when he rips his t-shirt of and starts dancing/jiggling nah shaking around look a hell of a lot like the star of the School of Rock haha. On a serious note something really strikes me about this video that I feel compelled to write about and pose the serious question, where the hell are the "Tambourine Girls"?? I mean I like the guy playing all the instruments and find him entertaining to watch and his smile is in infectious and heart warming but I would have really liked to see some hot sexy girls undressing instead possible flanking him then pushing around and finally maybe dressing him up like a girl and turning into one of them haha that would have really answered my question. But with a white turtle neck that reminds me of Diana Keaton starring opposite Jack Nicholson in one of my fav films "Something Gotta Give" it's hard not to love this video and I really hope to God there are woman in the next video :)!!!! p.s can't wait to hear Shakes next record that they are currently recording

Fav line: "We could travel just by turning a page"
Fav production aspect: The overall mix! who did it??

The animation for this video fits perfectly with the song i love the dystopian tragedy and darkness swimming through "You Are". In my humble uneducated view I think this is a real return to form from Pikachunes an artist that has had to battle some serious health issues in the recent past. Admittedly I don't know to much music from him except for his really early stuff that I saw on the telly but I definitely know about him and I liked this video enough to surf through Youtube and check out some live performances! He's also friends with my friend Ant who I went to school with and played some mean games of indoor cricket with in intermediate which is cool :). I love the drum machines on "Who Are"and also like the kind of rough mix too which is creative and uncompromising = kickass. If this tune is a taste of things to come I will definitely be dialing into check out the upcoming album on Monday records (Aussie label). I'd also be really interested to know who drew/animated the video it would be real cool if Pika did it himself!!! :)

Fav line:  "You are the most Important thing in the World to me"
Fav production aspect: The Synth tones they make me imagine sitting in some pagan ass church with the artist preaching to a room of evil daleks before the death-star explodes

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