Wednesday, 13 April 2016

A poem/prose inspired by an evil bartender with eyes darker than a blackhole in Ponsonby



Painted whores with
missing teeth clutching
desperately at their dignity 
and fleeting youth
Impaled desecrated 


If you find yourself

in the unenviable position to be
part of the unread zombie crowd
of this detestable Ponsonby bar beware of
the satanic pantomimes and lack of exuberance
that festers
preserving the great unwashed like a lost frame of 36mm drained of all colour overexposed and cut to pieces 

hipster i feel i must warn you that once
you enter the establishment you should quickly grab hold of the nearest alcoholic at hand
A tick of approval if their a belligerent 

bring them close and engage in mindless folly 
rabbiting on about epic tales of half truths and flamboyant lies dressed up in leather jackets adorned with sequins dreams
and rest easy knowing they are the best company the tragic beautiful lead actress in the radicals play of life and death the lest pretentious diva of the aquatic drinking environment polluted with human toxicity
For Though we may seem drunker than a runover family of skunks homeless in L.A
In reality the well sneakered stronghold of hipsters are dripping in lethal hemlock 

waiting to waterboard our minds into mangled American indoctrination 
be very careful for they know only one thing how to hold a grudge
like iron their hands bleed with exploitation
farce fills their eyes their callous worn hands a remainder of their low existence 

If you do insult them commit to the end
for they are more bitter than the very last drop off granny smith cider freefalling from the lushes mouth into the bottom of the barrel constructed out of envy hatred and discontent


  1. Very dark. What did this guy do to piss you off?

    1. Old poem nothing much bro haha just been reading bukoski and Nietzsche - working on something light and happy!! :)