Monday, 18 April 2016

Baudrillard's Thinking Summarised in Prose

regulated, policed controlled mapped
the apocalypse has already happened 
just go with it don’t mourn its to late 
splitting reproductive organs won’t help
still more humans multiply rapidly 
like heroic, holograms, digitising  
select cut copy paste threads of dna entwined 
new technology forsaking old sensations 
neglected dopamine enough to fill a chorus
angelic visceral raptors communicating 
in the hyper real under the rule of a bilingual mutant 

illegal citizens want to reverse engineer history 
without the might of Arnold Schwarzenegger's bulging biceps 
while we down vertigo cocktails induced 
by the sheer scale of human knowledge 
dwarfing whales like an ocean devoid of 

The old world has been ripped open for the last time
like the outdated format of a physical newspaper 
gmo plants melt like a scientific experiment gone wrong 
the new world is tease running late but still on time 
Un-realised by Google waiting for patents pending on future AI brains that can code endlessly without food or sleep
Stuck in the middle like a classic rock song
demand for generic rhetoric booms busts and grows stale 
slimy poetic politicos slowly giving way to mongrel mob rule

The Beehive like the White House 
wants to simplify and solidify your lives 
with propaganda and surreptitious lies 
Please make no attempts to think read or write 
for politics is simply a game like watching
your favourite sports team on your computer screen
accept the players are fat and white 

An american Professor from beyond the grave squeals 
the self is lost 
like a post-modern joke on the human race 

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